Weber Gas BBQs

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The history of Weber

Weber was established in 1952 by none other than George Stephen who invented the Weber Kettle. Using a half sphere of sheet metal he found at the Weber Brothers Metal Works, the factory he worked at.

George went on to produce more Weber Kettles and distributed them around Chicago. He had created an unbeatable barbequing product, perfect for slow cooking meats and serving the whole family.

In 1959, George started the Weber Brothers and started mass production of the popular Weber Kettle. The brand took off throughout the 1960s, transforming outdoor cooking for families throughout the USA.

Weber came to Australia in 1978. By 1986, Weber had sold more than 80,000 Weber BBQs throughout Australia, making it Australia’s top choice for outdoor cooking. We Aussies love a good barbeque – seared steaks, sizzling snags and even kebabs on the barbie. As if we wouldn’t love the Weber BBQ!

Now, Weber is the premium choice for barbequing in Australia and the USA. Their innovative cooking technologies and portable designs have made them the very best in outdoor cooking.

At Heating & Outdoors by Glendale Warehouse, we stock a wide range of Weber BBQs and accessories, from the small Baby Q design to the ever-popular Weber Q. Perfect for delicious, creative cooking in the great outdoors, Weber BBQ is our number one choice for the classic Aussie barbeque.

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