Fireplace Tools & Wood Holders

Keep the fire burning for hours on end with our complete fireplace tool sets and wood holders. Shop online! 

Having trouble keeping the fire burning on crisp winter nights? You need a fireplace tool set to keep the fire roaring for hours on end!

At Heating & Outdoors Glendale and Thornton, we have an extensive range of fireplace tools available online and in-store. Our collection features heat-resistant fire pokers, brooms and brushes, fire tongs, shovels, and more – all perfect for keeping the fire burning and the hearth clean at all times.

Our fireplace tools also come in convenient five-piece sets, so you can get everything you need in one simple purchase. Add a fireplace tool set to your basket now – it’s time to get the fire under control.

Fire pokers, brushes, and tongs to keep your fireplace neat and tidy 

Fireplace tools are an absolute essential for all home and business owners with a traditional wood burning fireplace.

Fire pokers are a standard fireplace tool. Designed to help fireplace owners readjust wood and coals to keep the fire burning, fire pokers reduce the risk of burns and smoke inhalation. The same can be said for fire tongs – use them to readjust firewood and kindling, or add more wood to the fire to keep it burning for hours on end.

Shovels and brushes, on the other hand, are required for effective cleaning in and around the fireplace. When the fire has fizzled down to embers, use a shovel to clean out the fireplace and get it ready for the next fire, then use your brush to tidy up the hearth and remove any unwanted ash around the heater.

Fireplace tools are a must-have for fireplace owners – shop the range online now!

Stack your firewood and kindling on a cast iron firewood holder 

Need somewhere to keep firewood and kindling? We couldn’t recommend one of our cast iron firewood holders more highly. Mixing function and practicality, our firewood holders feature a two-tier design – stack firewood on the top level and smaller pieces of kindling on the bottom shelf.

Our firewood holders also come with a durable fireplace tool set featuring a poker, broom, shovel, and tongs, all of which you can hang off the side of the holder. Ideal for keeping the fireplace and surroundings clean and organised.

Shop our extensive range of fireplace tools, tool sets, and holders online – we offer fast and convenient shipping throughout Australia. Alternatively, drop into our Glendale or Thornton stores in Newcastle, New South Wales. Our approachable team would be more than happy to help find the perfect fireplace tool set for your home.