Nobo Electric Panel Heaters

Shop our extensive range of Nobo electric panel heaters online or instore in Newcastle.

Looking for a sleek, modern solution to heating that doesn’t take up a lot of space? You’re going to love the range of Nobo electric heaters available for purchase at the Heating & Outdoors by Glendale Warehouse!

Nobo started making panel heaters in 1949 and soon became one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of premium panel heating. Nobo’s clever panel design ensures their heaters can be mounted on walls, taking up as minimal space as possible while also looking sleek and minimalistic.

The major benefit of purchasing a Nobo electric heater – the panel can be tucked behind furniture, making Nobo heaters the most practical and convenient heating solution on the market. These heaters are 5.5cm thick and can be hidden away, offering warmth and comfort without the need to make room for a large, clunky heater.

We stock an extensive range of Nobo heaters instore and online. Find the perfect model for your home.

At the Heating & Outdoors by Glendale Warehouse, we stock the Nobo “Oslo” range, a product of Scandinavia. Designed to be clean and timeless, the Oslo range is user-oriented and simple to use. Able to be installed within a few short minutes, the Oslo Range has a super accurate temperature gauge, so you know how warm the room is at all times.

It’s never been easier to find the ideal temperature for your home, even in winter!

Nobo electric heaters are ideal for homes with curious children and babies.

Got kids running around the house? Nobo electric panel heaters are ideal for homes with children. Nobo has 14% lower surface temperatures than other panel heaters, helping to prevent burns on little hands.

Plus, no heat outlets are exposed, so it’s harder for kids to insert small toys and fingers.

Nobo Oslo Heaters also have a child lock, so kids can’t mess around with the temperature and put themselves at risk.

Shop the range online now or drop into our store in Glendale, Newcastle. We have multiple Nobo panel heaters running on the floor, so you can experience the premium difference of a Nobo electric heater. No fan-forced unpleasantness, just convection heating with a minimalistic design.