Everdure Portable Gas Heaters

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Looking for a reliable portable gas heater?

You’re going to love the range from Everdure, including the Everdure Brigadier Radiant Convector Gas Heater. Available in a range of neutral colours like black marble and sand dune, you’re sure to find the perfect heater for your home decor and heating needs.

Smart and effective heating for homes of all shapes and sizes

Everdure’s portable gas heater range incorporates two kinds of heating: radiant and convection. The radiant panel of the unit heats objects in the room – including people – and the convection fan blows warm air into all crevices of the room. With both kinds of heating working at once, your room will be as warm as summer in a matter of minutes.

Even with just 25MJ of power, the Everdure Brigadier Portable Gas Heater can heat up to 90 metres squared. While portable gas heaters are recommended for single rooms, these heaters are suitable for larger, open plan areas.

Premium safety features to keep you warm, safe, and sound

Everdure gas heaters come with a range of high-tech safety features, including an oxygen depletion sensor (ODS) which monitors the level of oxygen in the room. If the level of oxygen becomes too low, the heater will automatically turn off so that oxygen can restore itself and make the room safer to occupy.

Their heaters also have a flame failure shut off function, meaning if the flame goes out, the gas will shut itself off to prevent dangerous gas leaks.

Equipped with a three-year warranty, you can warm your home with the peace of mind that comes with Everdure.

Shop Everdure gas heaters online and in-store with the Heating & Outdoors by Glendale Warehouse. We’ll help you find a portable heater that suits your needs.