Freestanding BBQs

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Add some flavour to your outdoor entertainment area with a new freestanding BBQ!

At Heating & Outdoors Glendale and Thornton, we have an extensive range of freestanding BBQs from premium brands like Napoleon, Beefeater, Masport, and Australia’s favourite BBQ specialist, Weber.  

Featuring non-stick grills, smooth-rolling wheels, and next-level flavour, our range of freestanding BBQs is perfect for modern homeowners who love outdoor entertainment. The sleek, metallic design looks incredibly matched with an outdoor furniture setting and a gaggle of friends, family members, and kids running around on a summer afternoon. 

For the average Aussie homeowner, a freestanding BBQ is a must-have for summer entertainment. Shop freestanding BBQs online or in-store with Heating & Outdoors Glendale and Thornton!

Portable and convenient. A freestanding BBQ is perfect for your outdoor entertainment area. 

The major benefit of a freestanding BBQ is its portable nature. 

Each of our freestanding BBQs features durable wheels to ensure you can move your BBQ across all-terrain so you can cook where you please. Drag your freestanding BBQ into the sun on a glorious summer day, or pull it onto the patio on a windy, rainy day. No matter the weather, you can sear up a succulent steak or sizzle up some sausages with ease.

Our range of freestanding BBQs also has the added convenience of drawers and spaces where you can store cooking tools like tongs, spatulas, brushes, and meat thermometers. You’ll never have to go searching for the right tools to pull off an excellent BBQ meal – the tools will be right where you need them, every time.

Need some BBQ accessories? We stock cooking tools and utensils, too! Pick up a brand new freestanding BBQ and all the tools you could ever need online or in-store at Heating & Outdoors Glendale and Thornton.

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At Heating & Outdoors, we’re committed to your ultimate convenience – so when you shop online with us, we offer fast and affordable shipping. At the checkout, simply add in your location and we’ll calculate shipping costs on-the-spot!

Alternatively, you can opt to order online and pick up your new freestanding BBQ in-store in Glendale or Thornton. Our friendly, professional team can provide recommendations and stock you up with cooking tools to make your BBQ experience complete.

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