Portable Gas Heaters

Need a quick, simple solution to home heating? You’re going to love our range of portable gas heaters!

At the Heating & Outdoors by Glendale Warehouse, we stock a wide range of portable gas heaters that are perfect for homeowners and renters who need a quick and flexible heating solution.

Based in Newcastle, New South Wales, we have a wide range of portable gas heaters on the floor for you to test out and warm your hands on. Our friendly team will walk and talk you through the range, ensuring you get the best possible heater for your needs.

Alternatively, we’ve got a huge range of portable gas heaters available for purchase online! Shop from the comfort of your couch and keep warm in winter while shopping for the essentials.

Benefits of a portable gas heaterĀ 

Portable gas heaters are versatile and can run on natural gas or LPG, depending on your personal needs and preferences – but the major benefit of a portable gas heater is that no fluing is required for units under 25mj.

That’s right – there are no additional installation requirements or special process – just plug it into an electrical power point and gas bayonet, and start warming up this winter!

Our portable gas heaters will keep you warm, safe, and sound

Our heaters come with specialist safety features installed including oxygen depletion sensors (ODS). This means the unit will cut out if it cannot sense enough oxygen in the room, ensuring you remain safe – even if you fall asleep.

Our portable heaters also have tilt sensors, so the unit will cut out if it tilts over a certain angle. This reduces the risk of fire.

With portable heaters, gas log fireplaces, electric heating, and more, your safety is our ultimate priority. At the Heating & Outdoors by Glendale Warehouse, we take pride in being a member of the Australian Home Heating Association (AHHA) and exclusively offer heating solutions that meet the strict guidelines of the Australian Standards.

Our portable heaters come from a range of high-quality brands like Rinnai and Everdure – designed for premium warmth and long-lasting service, our heaters are second to none.

Shop portable gas heaters online or in-store with the Heating & Outdoors by Glendale Warehouse! You’re sure to find the perfect heating solution.