Inbuilt Barbeques

Is it time to take your barbeque game to the next level? A built-in barbeque is the ultimate outdoor entertaining appliance. Embrace the Aussie lifestyle with a permanent built-in grill that is ready when you are to get the party started!

Upgrade your outdoor area with an inbuilt BBQ! Shop online or in-store in Newcastle

An inbuilt barbeque will make home entertaining a dream. If you want to create an outdoor dining experience with all the ease of a kitchen in your own backyard a built-in barbeque is the perfect appliance for you. 

Our extensive range of inbuilt barbeques is designed for outdoor entertaining with ease. With dozens of options from trusted brands like Weber and Beefeater to choose from, the hardest part will be choosing just one. Complete your setup with storage solutions and side grills, or go the whole hog and add a smoker to your built-in barbeque ensemble. 

A built-in grill is the ultimate lifestyle investment. Imagine kicking back in your yard on a Friday night with some steaks on the grill and a beer in your hand as the sun goes down. What could be better?

Find the perfect built-in barbeque to suit your budget 

Whether you’re purchasing your first-ever built-in barbeque or upgrading to your dream setup, we have all the built-in grill, storage solutions and accessories you need to get your inbuilt barbeque up and running. 

Make yourself the most popular barbeque host this summer with a new built-in grill. Starting from under $1000 we’ve got a built-in barbeque to suit you.

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